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AKOP Mini: Shawn’s Wedding LIVE!

A podcast blending pop culture, media, art, technology, society, and the human condition... with terrible puns, innuendo, left-field tangents, and a whole lot of filler. Hosted by Earl Aspiras and Shawn Lotte. Updates on Mondays.

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So Long For Now!

Well folks we made it to 105, but it turns out we’re putting the brakes on this crazy endeavour for the time being. Both Earl and Shawn have got some big things happening in the…

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An August Announcement

Folks! I drop some news in the audio section, but basically no new show this week or next week unfortunately! Call it an AKOP Summer Vacation™ for now. But don’t worry AKOP Night is still…

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Woody Allen’s AKOP Night

“Three Woody Allen movies, two wishy washy hosts and one excited Patrick: Welcome to AKOP Guilty Pleasure Night!” This month we let Patrick take the wheel of AKOP NIGHT and show us three Woody Allen movies….

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Hello again world!

Hello my fellow humans and welcome to the blog-sphere? Is that what the kids call it these days? Well besides that we want to welcome you to the all-encompassing place to share your thoughts about……

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