Top 5 Title Sequences of 2015

I couldn’t end off the year without at least cobbling together a couple lists of my favourite things of 2015. So, here’s my five favourite title sequences of the year, with very short, hastily written thoughts on each of them.

(Listed in alphabetical order)


Better Call Saul
Created by Curtis Thurber

Calling back to sleazy public defender late-night infomercials and to Saul Goodman’s own ads in Breaking Bad, these short breezy and oddball VHS clips highlight the grime and low-budget world of Jimmy McGill.


The Forbidden Room
Created by Galen Johnson

Like an exhumed version of the “Enter the Void” title sequence, the discordant score, jumpy frames, and melting colours all add to the psychedelia and dreamlike feel of this movie credit sequence.


Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Created by Fernando Livschitz

Both nodding and breaking out of the typical montage of late-night show intros, the tilt-shift photography adds playfulness, charm, and energy to a brand new show, complemented by a neat tune.


The Man in the High Castle
Created by Elastic

Great visual storytelling as a prelude to a whole new historical landscape inside the series. Evocative, somber, and sets the tone for a fantastical what-if what treats the premise with integrity.


Man Seeking Woman
Created by Digital Kitchen Studios

Fun, simple, but with a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it frenzy to its imagery and iconography. Great backing track and sound effects, and some terrific visual gags for a show that’s all about visualizing metaphors.

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