Q: What’s the show about?

A: It’s an everything podcast. What does that mean? Well, it means we’re excited about the myriad of interests that encompass the world and filter it through our jovial sensibilities. Every week, we delve into topics in movies, food, video games, technology, comics and more, ranging from serious to outright silly, and unpacking them in a non-judgmental environment. 

Q: How do I listen? What do I need to know beforehand?

A: Easy! Just press play on the episodes, or on iTunes or whatever other podcast streaming service you use. As for preparation, you don’t need to, but we’d recommend some passing knowledge on pop culture – it’s simply what we know and talk about the most! We try not to spoil recent things or put up warnings for people beforehand, unless we get really excited to talk about something. We also tend to monologue a fair bit, but your knowledge of what the hell we’re talking about aren’t required to enjoy the show.

Q: Why don’t the older episodes have Shawn in them?

A: Earl actually created and hosted the podcast solo for a while. The show used to work like a roundtable discussion on a different pop culture thing every episode, but listeners had to know them beforehand or fear being spoiled. Shawn was a guest on several episodes before ultimately taking over and destroying everything Earl held dear in his podcast. Shawn became a proper co-host starting with the episode “Friday the 13th: New Blood, & New Co-Host” so you can skip to there if you want the really good stuff.

Q: Why is the audio quality iffy sometimes?

A: Look, this is already a pretty low-budget operation we’ve got here. On top of that, we also deal with geography – Earl lives in Toronto while Shawn lives in Mississauga. We sometimes record together in person, like on AKOP Night episodes, but normally we have to talk over Skype and sync our audio in post. It’s the nature of our process, and we do our best to make it audible and not jarring for your ears, but until one of us moves to the other’s city, it’s a necessary evil.

Q: What are AKOP Nights?

A: Once a month, one of us curates two or three films based on a theme for everyone to watch, and we record our thoughts right after seeing each one. Ideally, the selected films aren’t ones they’ve seen before, or hardly remember it. Sometimes, we each select one film based on the theme and discuss each other’s choices. It’s a lot of work to coordinate which is why we really only do it once a month. Like the regular show, we do our best not to spoil for listeners, but sometimes we just can’t help dive into nagging points in the movies.

Q: Why is it called All Kinds of Philler? Neither of you are named Phil.

A: Uh… we don’t talk about Phil.