On this episode, Shawn deals with phone repairmen from hell, Earl finally watches more movies, and the hosts have a very belated chat about the Oscars fiasco. Folks, it’s AKOPCAST!

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Sorry for the delay, we’re busy you know, but here are our top 5 video games of 2016. If you watch any video this year make it this one…or…anything you want really, we are not the boss of you.


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There comes a time when we all must face our own mortality. There is also a time when we must all face a speeding ticket. In Shawn’s case he faces a ticket for looking at his phone while stopped at a red light. Welcome to Canada and also welcome to All Kinds of Philler. This episode we discuss the current law of cellphone usage while driving in Canada and then we get into the new Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat X. So strap in and get ready for some fatalities and some felonies because this show is about to get pulled over for too much awesome. Cool right? No? Whatever…

Let it begin… the show now.

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