Earl Aspiras (Founder, Co-Host)

Earl Aspiras created the podcast as a result of an ego trip and has been trying to legitimize it ever since. He currently works as a motion designer, as well as a freelance graphic designer. He was once described as someone who “consumes media like a coke addict”. His interests lean more towards television, film, games, design, and cartography. Earl also has an unhealthy obsession with title sequences and knows how crazy he sounds when he talks about it with friends anyone within shouting distance. Earl is based in Toronto, Canada.


Shawn Lotte (Producer, Co-Host)

Shawn Lotte is an aspiring human who wishes to be a part of the greater majority of people who love the “Big Bang Theory.” Until that day happens Shawn is currently working as a screenplay writer and is an accomplished writer for both stage and screen. As a film director, actor and comedian Shawn has helped create the internet web show “We Eat Films” and is a co-founder of it’s subsequent website that now runs as an officially sanctioned website of Huron College. Hobbies include: movies, games, comics, kickboxing, and technology. The only thing Shawn doesn’t really dig is music because he doesn’t know shit about music and encourages you to teach him. Shawn is based in Mississauga, Canada.


Patrick Barfoot (Associate Producer)

Patrick Barfoot is a producer-partner of the show, and is the third host on all AKOP Night episodes. Oh, and he sometimes does bad impressions.